The challenge is to capture an individual educator in elements that are:

  • Beautiful
  • Inspiring
  • Guidance-oriented: These are elements of teaching that transcend particular discipline, grade level, and get at the HEART of teaching.
  • Brief, Uncomplicated, and Easy to do
  • Accessible: Not so slick, professional and polished that they would intimidate teacher submission of content to the journal.
  • Varied: Involve a wide variety of formats, to inspire the user to want to continue looking, exploring, using: such as video, audio, quotes, visual, anything creative.
  • Real: We are not trying to capture perfection.
  • The “F” word: Don't forget to capture the fun and the funny.

Think about WHO the educator is, WHAT makes them special, and HOW they approach their craft - How might this inform WHAT you capture and HOW you capture it?


Requirement: less than 250 words or 10% of the original work


Requirement: less than 7 minutes

Narratives (stories from the field, lessons learned)

Requirement: less than 500 words

Images (visual prompts, student artwork)


Requirement: Less than 250 words


Requirement: less than 7 minutes

Stategies connected to the current or upcoming theme of the journal

Requirement: less than 500 words

Book Connections (Fiction or non-fiction literature that relates to an upcoming journal theme & a narrative summation of the book’s impact on you as an educator)

Requirement: less than 500 words

Other (inspirational student work; top ten lists, combination of formats, something else entirely)

Links to Resources (articles, videos, etc.)

Requirement: Provide the link and a description that is less than 250 words.